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23 September 2011 @ 03:38 pm
Hey so I am looking for some mods/co-mods and Team Leaders (Crawely Family, Serving Downton & Ladies_Gents) to help out around this comminity and the sub-community’s(full list can be found here. If your intresed please fill out the form bellow comments are screened.

23 September 2011 @ 03:36 pm
Here at downton_land we will be hosting a variety of different challenges but obviously we would love your input as to what types of challenges we do here. Here you can brainstorm ideas and gain points while you do it. =)

Every suggestion= 1 points
Every idea we use = 3 points

21 September 2011 @ 10:31 pm
Guidelines for Applications:

There are 2 teams:
-Crawley Family (speaks for itself doesn’t it?)
-Serving Downton (those beloved character downstairs, working at Downton)

Please remember they are only names and the team you are in does not affect what characters you can use in your challenge pieces.

1. Please ensure that you will be able to enter at least one challenge every two weeks. You do not have to participate in everything, but please participate in something! There’s a variety of challenges so there should be something for everybody.

2. Please do not join the community before applying. When you are assigned to a team(crawleyfamily, servingdownton), a mod will invite you to downton_land, and your team community. Invitations not accepted after 14 days are cancelled and you will have to apply again.

3. You will have to join the sub-communities yourself. A list of those can be found here

4. When applying, if you were referred by a current member, please try to give me their username. All members that refer members will receive bonus points. :)

5. Teams must remain equal (or very close to equal) to have a fair chance of earning points. You may not be assigned to your first choice, but remember, it's only a name. However if your desperate to be in a certain team you can be put on a waiting list, however it could be a long wait.

6. If you are a previous member who wants to return, please let me know which Team you were on before and whether or not you want to return there or be re-assigned.

7. Finally please read the rules before you apply.

Thank you for applying! We hope you enjoy your stay at downton_land!